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  1. Do you have a product warranty?

    Yes, we have a 2 Year LIMITED WARRANTY on defective parts.

  2. Can I use Big Bear brackets for outdoor shelving?

    No, even though Big Bear brackets have a UV protectant, they are intended for indoor use only.

  3. Will I need any special tools for installation and is there any additional screws or hardware needed?

    No, all hardware is included and you only need basic tools for installation.

  4. Can I use Big Bear brackets for additional storage in my attic?

    No, we do NOT recommend you install Big Bear brackets in your attic due to excessive heat.

  5. Can I install Big Bear brackets to a concrete block wall or metal studs?

    No, installing to a concrete wall, a wall with metal studs or any other wall structure other than 2x4's would require special fasteners and above average skill level.  Therefore, it is NOT recommended.  Big Bear brackets are intended to be attached to wood studs only.

  6. Could I add more brackets to increase weight limits?

    Yes, additional brackets will increase your maximum weight limit by 200lbs. for each additional bracket that is properly installed.

  7. What kind of material are the Big Bear brackets made from?

    The Big Bear brackets are made from a glass fiber reinforced engineering grade resin.  F.Y.I.  This resin is used to replace metal parts in several applications throughout other industries.

  8. Can I paint the Big Bear brackets a different color?

    No, it is NOT recommended because the chemicals in the paint may cause a breakdown in the molecular structure of the bracket.

  9. Can I attach a hook or hang items directly to the Big Bear bracket?

    No, we do NOT recommend you screw or attach anything to the bracket itself, as this could weaken the structural integrity of the bracket.

  10. What is the maximum weight limit of the Big Bear bracket?

    We recommend 300 lbs max for the upper shelf and 125lbs max for the lower shelf.  This is based on a standard shelf using only two brackets.

  11. What are the dimensions of the Big Bear bracket?

    The bracket dimensions are 19.50" (H) x 18.25" (D) x 1.50" (W).

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